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American Monarchists: Natural Law and Christ the King

For Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians, yesterday wasn’t just the Sunday after Thanksgiving – the last day to catch some football before going back to work – it was the Feast of Christ the King. Christians across the world sang hymns like “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and “Crown him with many … Continue reading

No Falling Sky in Skyfall

The newest Bond film, Skyfall, seems to step out of the Bond legacy. Addressing his childhood and hinting at a homosexual streak, Skyfall threatens to derail the classic Bond moviegoers have loved for 50 years. Never fear- Bond is still Bond. The film’s plot gives him a modern twist, but no character-altering qualities emerge. While … Continue reading

The 11-Point Swing: Tactics for Republican Victory in 2014

Writing about Mitt Romney’s loss, conservatives have overlooked this election’s great opportunity. In the election’s aftermath, conservative pundits exhaustively covered Romney’s loss. Fred Thompson explained the negative rich businessman stigma. Kevin D. Williamson despairingly credited class warfare in Ohio. Joel B. Pollak detailed the failure of Project Orca, Romney’s get-out-the-vote program. Each of these biopsies … Continue reading

On Reformation Day, We are all Catholics

When Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg church 495 years ago today, he would never have guessed that the Roman Catholic Church would face oppression from a republican government originally established by Protestants. In 500 years, history has come full circle, and the Roman Catholic Church now stands up … Continue reading

The Virtue of Regulation

Much and more has been said about last night’s debate. A CNN poll of registered voters placed Romney far ahead of Obama. Even MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and other “Liberal media” establishments conceded victory to the Republican candidate. Romney supporters enjoyed many priceless moments. Nevertheless, his coup d’etat came not in comedy, but in his … Continue reading

A Second Emancipation

Yesterday marked the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s promise to emancipate the slaves, if the Union had not been reunited by January 1,1863. Yet today, we face a new form of slavery. The expansion of slavery fractured the American republic. The election of Abraham Lincoln led the southern states to secede from the Constitution. In a … Continue reading

Ayn Rand… The Statist

With Paul Ryan’s ascent to the Republican ticket, Ayn Rand returned to contemporary political conversation. Her artistic abilities aside – she has all the weaknesses of Wordsworth’s Romantics with none of their attendant strengths –Rand’s supporters tout her Objectivist individualism as an answer to the claims of Leviathan. But, paradoxically, her defense of individual freedom … Continue reading

Obama’s War on Women

On Friday, the Obama campaign released a new ad on YouTube, entitled “Republican Women for Obama.” This latest foray in the “war on women” political strategy is out of touch with the American people, false, and manufactured. The ad featured five women, the first of which claimed to have been a “lifelong Republican.” Nevertheless, the … Continue reading

A Prisoner of Conscience

Monica Migliorino Miller’s Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars features car chases, arrests, and funerals. With adventure and macabre, Miller presents the timely story of her pro-life activism during the movement’s early years. Her struggles demonstrate Christian charity, provide a new perspective on abortion, and deliver a foretaste of the political wars Liberals … Continue reading

The New American Dream

Newt Gingrich believes that Conservatives lead the future, spearheading true progress. Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth outreach organization, hosted the former Speaker of the House at its conference on Tuesday. Gingrich listed “three major projects vital to the future of this country:” teaching America’s history, facing America’s threats, and supporting America’s entrepreneur spirit. “We … Continue reading